Happy 4th of July!

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What’s the best way to celebrate the 4th of July??  Around here we know it’s by RECYCLING!!!  Please swing by Marion County’s E-waste Recycling Event this Saturday, July 5th, 7 am – 5 pm at the Scrambletown Recycling Center, 15810 NE Hwy. 314, Silver Springs, FL  34488.  Drive thru & drop off ALL unwanted electronics!  NO FEE this day for CRT monitors & TV’s!  Call 352.502.4449 for more info and THANK YOU OCALA – MARION COUNTY FOR RECYCLING!    * * * Happy 4th of July! * * *

Local Summer 2014 Collection Events!

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Summer is in full effect here in North Central Florida!
Pool parties, lake days, beach trips and yard sales happening every weekend! …and the Electronic Waste Collection events continue also. THANK YOU DUNNELLON – the event on June 7th s…aw over 120 cars come through with OVER 350 electronic items donated for recycling and kept out of our landfills!
Next Marion County Collection Event is Sat., July 5th at the Scrambletown Recycling Center in Silver Springs.
Call #502.4202 for more info! Thank you & HAPPY SUMMER!

E-waste Collection Tomorrow!

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Looking forward to a picture perfect weekend here in Central Florida!
On your way out to enjoy the beautiful weather, don’t forget RAE is hosting yet another Marion County E-Waste Collection Event tomorrow, Sat., May 17th at the Citra Recycling Center, 7 am – 5 pm. Drive through & Drop off unwanted electronics!  Call #352.502.4202 for more info and THANK YOU for recycling your E-waste!

It takes all of us working together to KEEP FLORIDA BEAUTIFUL!

3 E-Waste Collections in next 3 weeks!

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We’re trying to make it “easy as pie” for Marion & Sumter County residents to RECYCLE ALL ELECTRONICS with 3 E-Waste Collection Events in the next 3 weeks:
~ Sat., May 3, 9 am – 2 pm at the RAE offices behind Target in Ocala.
~ Sat., May 10th, 9 am – 3 pm at South Sumter High School (706 N. Main Street, Bushnell, FL)
~ Sat., May 17th, 7 am – 5 pm, at the Citra Recycling Center.
** NO FEE on these days to Marion & Sumter residents for CRT (older box-style) TVs & computer monitors! **
Call us at #352.502.4202 with any questions and PLEASE SHARE THIS VALUABLE INFORMATION!!

ANOTHER Collection Event in NE Marion County:

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Do you happen to live “way out” in the Salt Springs area or know anyone who does….?
Marion County Solid Waste Dept. is going out of their way this year in an attempt to make Electronic Recycling EASY for everyone in this county! We are hosting at least 16 collection events in every possible corner of this big county to give everyone no excuse NOT to recycle their unwanted e-waste!
Next collection event is This Saturday, Feb. 15th at Scrambletown Recycling Center (15810 NE Hwy. 314), 7 am – 5 pm, Drive thru & Drop off! *No Fee this day to Marion County residents for CRT (older box-style) TVs & computer monitors. All types of e-waste accepted! Call Recycle All Electronics at #502-4202 for more info!

Marion County E-waste Collection THIS Saturday!

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Don’t worry – our mascot, Dixie is the ONLY one taking it easy around here! The rest of us at RAE are busy preparing for Marion County’s E-Waste Collection Event to be held here at our facility (behind Target in Ocala at 1500 SW 17th Ave., #300) THIS Saturday, Feb. 8th, 9 am – 2 pm!  Drive through & drop off your e-waste – **NO FEE** this day for CRT (the older box-style) TVs and computer monitors!  Call #352.502.4202 for more info!

It may be MONDAY, but we are all S M I L E S at RAE!

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GREAT turnout last Saturday!

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Host an event and the people will come!!! Amazing turnout at last Saturday’s E-Waste Collection Event in Sumter County – approximately 1,000 items collected! WOW!  That’s 1,000 LESS items in our landfills!  Thank you for recycling your e-waste!  2014 collection schedule is in the works now & will be released soon.

ONE MORE E-waste Collection Event Added for 2013!

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In order to serve both Marion & Sumter Counties, an E-Waste Collection Event will be held on Saturday, Dec. 7th  9 am – 3 pm  at The Villages Sumter County Govt. Complex located at 7375 Powell Road, Wildwood, Florida 34785.  *NO FEE for CRTs (older box-style TVs & monitors) to Marion & Sumter County residents this day!*  Call #352.502.4202 for more info!

$50 donation = $100 gift this Thanksgiving!

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Recycle All Electronics is HAPPY to join in a Thanksgiving charity event organized by Network Funding Home Loans & Brandon Crysler…paying it forward!     For more info: We need your help to provide turkey dinners for Deveroux Kids foundation and Arnette House. Goal is 36 turkey dinners at $50/dinner to feed a family of 6. Network Funding will match the total dollar amount to double the order. Pls text or call 352.553.9451 if you would like to help! You can drop or mail checks to 209 NE 36th Ave Ocala, FL 34470

3rd Annual America Recycles Day Collection!

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Tomorrow, Nov. 15th, we celebrate the National Event, America Recycles Day by hosting our 3rd Annual ARD E-Waste Collection Event!  Please drop off any unwanted electronics (includes laptops, towers, phones, chargers, cords & MORE!) at our offices behind Target in Ocala (no CRT – older box-style - TVs or monitors!) 9 am – 4 pm.  Help us protect our beautiful Central Florida land & water – keep the landfills FREE of E-WASTE!  Call #352.502.4202 for more info.

Drop off items for Interfaith HERE at RAE!

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Our offices have been named as a drop off site for Interfaith Emergency Services.  Most needed are non-perishable food items and toiletries.  We are conveniently located behind Target in Ocala, just off 17th Street at 1500 SW 17th Ave., #300.  Pick up a few extra items while out shopping… drop them off to us and we will be sure to get them to Interfaith!  Feel free to get rid of any unwanted electronics while you are here, too!  Phones, printers, computers, laptops, cords, wires, chargers, keyboards, gaming devices, etc.       * Thank you for helping us support Interfaith! *

Last Local Collection Event of 2013 moved from Nov. 2nd to Sat., Nov. 9th!

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UPDATE!!! The next Marion County Collection Event has been moved from Nov. 2 to SAT., Nov. 9th.  Still at Carney Island Park. Clean out those old electronics and come see us!

LAST Marion County Collection Event for 2013

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If you’re cleaning out closets in preparation for the holidays… the NEXT Marion County E-waste Collection Event is Sat., Nov. 2 at Carney Island Park (11307 SE 128th Place Road, Ocklawaha), 9 am – 2 pm.  **NO FEE this day to Marion County residents to recycle CRT (older box-style) TVs & computer monitors**  All electronic waste accepted this day and every M – F, 9 am – 4 pm at our offices behind Target in Ocala!     Come see us and THANK YOU for recycling!     Call #352-502-4202 for more info.

E-waste Collection Event Sat., Oct. 12th

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YES the weather is beauuuutiful here in Central Florida and it makes us all want to be outside!  Come see us at the Dunnellon Airport tomorrow 9 am – 2 pm… and DROP OFF your unwanted electronics!  * NO CHARGE to Marion County residents this day for CRT (older box-style) TVs and monitors * Thank YOU for recycling your e-waste and doing your part to keep Florida beautiful!

What exactly is “Household E-Waste”?

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Perfect example of what we call ‘Household E-Waste’… Radios, remotes, microphones, telephones, RC cars, the list goes on and on… And the answer is ‘YES! We accept all household e-waste for recycling!’   Drop it off here instead of the landfill!

Helping rebuild lives…

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We truly have some of the BEST people working here at RAE. Steve (National Sales Exec.) used his vacation time over the week of July 4th to go on a mission trip. He and several others pitched in to help rebuild the town of Moore, Oklahoma – the site of a violent hurricane back in May of this year. Steve left with a bit of uncertainty over what to expect.. he returned saying he can’t wait to go again!  Yes, it truly IS better to give than to receive. Thank you, Steve – it’s guys like you who make RAE a great place!

Some pretty cool things pass through our doors!

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HUGE turnout last Saturday at Marion County’s E-waste Collection Event! Over 200 cars came through! We get lots & lots of old items and some newer broken ones, too… And every now & then we get something cool!

Check out these antique radios! These are keepers!

Sat., August 10th – Marion County E-Waste Collection Event

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YES it’s that time again!  Tell your friends!  Another Marion County Electronic Waste Collection event THIS SATURDAY August 10th, 9 am – 2 pm at our office (behind Target in Ocala – SW 17th Avenue warehouses). Drive thru & drop off unwanted electronics! *NO CHARGE this day for CRT (older box-style) TVs and computer monitors!* Call #352.502.4202 for more info!

Marion County E-Waste Collection THIS SATURDAY!

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So many Yard Sales lately!  Doing some cleaning out?  Find any unwanted electronics?

The next Marion County E-Waste Collection Event is THIS SATURDAY, July 13th at the Wrigley Sports Complex in Citra at 405 E. Hwy. 316, 9 am – 2 pm.  **NO FEE for CRT (older box-style) TV & computer monitors on this day to Marion County residents**

There is NO FEE to recycle all other electronics EVERY Monday thru Friday at our offices behind Target in Ocala!

Open to the public! Drop offs welcome!

Saturday, July 13th – NEXT Marion County Collection Event!

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The next Marion County E-Waste Collection Event will be held on Sat., July 13th, 9 am – 2 pm at the Wrigley Sports Complex (405 E. Hwy. 316) in Citra, FL.  Drive through & drop off your unwanted electronics!  **NO CHARGE to Marion County residents on this day for CRT (older box-style) TV’s & computer monitors**  Thank you Marion County for recycling your e-waste!  Call #352-502-4449 for more info!

RAE Sponsors Raquetball Tournament at local Y!

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RAE is proud to sponsor the Marion County Frank Deluca Family YMCA’s next Racquetball Tournament!  The Y’s mission is to improve the lives of people by connecting them with opportunities based on Christian values that strengthen Spirit, Mind & Body… and we couldn’t agree more!  The Y offers scholarships for memberships, sports programs & camps.  Contact the Marion County Y at #352.368.9622 or online at  http://ymcacentralflorida.com/y-locations/marion/  to find out more.

Best of luck to all participating in the Racquetball Tournament!

**E-Waste Collection this Saturday!!**

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Next Marion County E-Waste Collection Event will be held THIS SATURDAY, May 11th at our offices (behind Target in Ocala) from 9 am until 2 pm. Drive thru & Drop off unwanted electronics – we will have lots of help to do all the unloading!

***NO CHARGE this day for CRT (older box-style) TVs & computer monitors to Marion County residents!***

All electronic waste accepted – please do not throw them in the land fill!  Bring them to RAE!

Update on School Affected by Hurricane Sandy…

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UPDATE ON SCHOOL AFFECTED BY HURRICANE SANDY: Wilson Elementary is a public school located in Sayreville, NJ serving grades K – 3 with approx. 350 students. Several of their families were severely affected by the devastating forces of Hurricane Sandy. A parent of a student at Wilson decided to spend her own money to update the school’s outdated & damaged media center. She contacted RAE, told us the situation, and we offered to donate the computers to the school. The media center improvement is now complete… and doesn’t it look AWESOME?!? Check out the before & after picture!


Collecting e-waste for charity = $$$

Posted on April 23, 2013 by admin.

Are you affiliated with a charitable organization (school, scouts, sports, church, etc.) that would like to collect old cell phones & receive money in return?  We have stickers & boxes to make it easy for you – and we pay top dollar per pound!  If you already sell collected phones, we can most likely beat the price you are getting!  Call #502-4202 to find out more.

Earth Day 2013

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Happy Earth Day 2013!

Click on the link below to read a very informative article

published by the Star Banner newspaper

regarding the importance of recycling electronic waste:


Marion County E-Waste Collection THIS Saturday!

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The NEXT Marion County E-waste Collection Event is THIS SATURDAY, April 13th.  It will be held at the Newton Landfill located at 1750 NW 100th Street in Ocala, from 9 am until 2 pm.

Drive through & Drop off all unwanted e-waste!  There will be people on hand to do all of the unloading & heavy lifting!
Take advantage, Marion County residents – NO CHARGE this day for CRT (older box-style) TVs & monitors and projection TVs!


Awareness is KEY!

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Wow! RAE is so active in the community it’s hard to keep up!

Lake Weir High School “Recycle Day” this weekend, On Top of The World’s “Trashy Fashion Show” at the Hilton next, Marion County’s E-waste Collection Event on the 13th, Silver Spring Park’s “Earth Day Celebration” for school children the 18th & 19th, City of Ocala’s “Arbor Day” Festival at Tuscawilla on the 27th… that’s just APRIL!!

Thanks Ocala/Marion County for inviting us to participate in your events – when it comes to recycling, AWARENESS IS KEY!

EARTH DAY Celebration at Lake Weir High School

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This Saturday, April 6th, RAE will participate in Lake Weir High School’s Earth Day Celebration!  Many vendors, a HUGE yard sale, and an electronic waste collection!  If you are out that way, please check it out!  10351 SE Maricamp Road, Ocala, FL  34472

9 am – 1 pm    *Proceeds to benefit LWHS IB Booster Club.

RAE makes charitable donation to school in need…

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We are donating several computers to a primary school located in Sayreville, NJ, Wilson Elementary…. apparently hard hit by hurricane Sandy. Found out about their need when someone wanted to buy the computers from us for the school and we quickly decided that it could be a gift from us. Great to know that we can play a small part from a distance in furthering the educational experience of these children. lt truly is better to give than to receive!

RAE is now a member of NAID!

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RAE is happy to announce we are now NAID members.. National Association of Information Destruction… ONE more notch in our belt, one more step in our commitment to continual improvement!  Oh – and we are the ONLY NAID member company in Ocala!

Another County E-waste Collection this Saturday!

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Another AWESOME County Electronic Waste Collection Event THIS Saturday, Feb. 9th at the RAE offices…


Because this is one of those RARE days that you can drive thru and drop off ALL unwanted e-waste, and there is *NO CHARGE* this Saturday for those older box-style TV’s & computer monitors!  Take advantage and come see us 9 – 2! Call 502-4202 for more info!  (Open to all Marion County Residents)

Sun Digital Collection = success! +next collection event…

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Can’t thank you enough for showing up at the Sun Digital collection event in downtown Ocala a few weeks ago – the #’s are in and OVER $375 in proceeds will be sent to ARNETT HOUSE!  That’s AWESOME – an opportunity to clean out your unwanted electronics and support a worthwhile local charity at the same time!  LOVE that :-)   Thank you Ocala/Marion County for recycling!

The NEXT Marion County E-waste Collection Event is in 10 days – Saturday, Feb. 9th at our warehouse behind Target in Ocala – drive thru & drop off unwanted electronics 9 am – 2 pm.  **NO CHARGE this day for CRT (older box-style TVs & computer monitors!**  Call #502-4202 for more info!

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! Have you started cleaning out the old to make room for the new?

We have TWO electronic waste collection events in Ocala in the next 10 days!

This Saturday, Jan. 12th at OUR office behind Target – Marion County collection event, 9 am – 2 pm   ** NO CHARGE this day for CRT monitors & TVs **

Next Wednesday, Jan. 16th across from Ocala’s downtown square in the Concord Bldg. parking lot – Sun Digital Collection event to benefit the Arnett House.  7:30 am – 1 pm (minimal charge for hazardous waste items)

Out With the Old Electronics and In With The New Year!

Posted on November 29, 2012 by admin.

Sun Digital is planning to kick off 2013 with an Electronics Recycling Charity Event Wednesday, January 16th from 7:30am-1:00pm in Downtown Ocala.  For this event, Sun Digital is working with charity partner Arnette House and recycling partner Recycle All Electronics.

Electronics are slated to be the #1 gift purchased this holiday season. So what do you do with your old electronic items?  This event is the perfect opportunity for you to dispose of old electronics and have the proceeds go to a good cause, instead of collecting dust or ending up in the local landfill.

For more information on what items will be accepted please visit the Recycle All Electronics website. There is a $5-$10 fee to recycle ALL non-flat screens TV’s and older box-style computer monitors due to the lead materials contained in these items.

Please come out to our Event to recycle your old electronics and support a local charity!

Visit our collection partner SunDigital at www.SunDigitalInc.com


America Recycles Day – Nov. 15th!

Posted on November 12, 2012 by admin.

Please join us in our 2nd annual celebration of America Recycles Day – Thursday, Nov. 15th from 8 am until 6 pm.  Drive through and drop off unwanted electronics – we will have people outside to unload your items & make it easy for you!           NO CHARGE on this day for CRT monitors & TV’s to Marion County residents.                Thank you for recycling!

Sat., Nov. 3rd – Last Marion County E-waste Collection Event of 2012

Posted on October 30, 2012 by admin.

Attention all residents of Marion County -

Saturday, Nov. 3rd is the last Marion County E-waste Collection Event of 2012.  It will be held at the Davis Landfill/Carney Island location at 13275 SE 115 Avenue in Ocklawaha from 9 am until 2 pm.  Drive through and drop off unwanted electronics!

**NO CHARGE this day for CRT monitors (box-style computer monitors)  & older tube-style TVs.**

Thank you Ocala/Marion County for recycling!

We are officially R2 and ISO 14001:2004 certified!!!

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Well it’s a VERY happy Friday here at RAE… just found out we have been granted the certifications we have been working so hard on for almost a year now.  As of this week, Pager & Cellular Communications, d/b/a Recycle All Electronics is officially R2 (Responsible Recycling) and ISO 14001:2004 CERTIFIED!  It’s a pretty big deal in our industry… has meant so much time dedicated and hard work on our part!  To the general public, it means we are committed to protecting the Earth AND our valued employees, and we promise to continue to improve with each passing day! THANK YOU OCALA/MARION COUNTY FOR RECYCLING!

Children are our future!

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Rob Cole of RAE spent some quality time with the 5th graders at Blessed Trinity Catholic School in Ocala, Florida this week.  They are learning about technology in Science right now and asked if he would donate some time.  Rob dismantled a computer, explained all of the interworking components and detailed the different precious metals used in computer manufacturing.  A great question and answer session followed!  The children shared their knowledge, left with a better understanding of the importance of e-waste recycling, and promised to tell others about what they learned!  A great time was had by all!

Marion County E-waste Event – Saturday, August 11th

Posted on July 23, 2012 by admin.

The next Marion County electronic waste collection event is set for Saturday, August 11th at our facility – conveniently located behind Target in Ocala.  Just drive through and drop off unwanted electronics, 9 am – 2 pm.  NO CHARGE on this day for CRT monitors and older tube-style TV’s.  Thank  you for recycling!

Next Marion County Electronic Waste Collection…

Posted on June 20, 2012 by admin.

NEXT Marion County E-waste collection event is Sat., July 14th at Wrigley Sports Complex (405 E. Hwy. 316 in Citra) – Drop off any unwanted electronics and NO CHARGE FOR OLDER CRT MONITORS & TV’S (box-style) ON THIS DAY!!

Great turnout at Marion County/City of Ocala E-cycling Event!

Posted on May 14, 2012 by admin.

A whopping 95 cars came through and dropped off unwanted electronics this past Saturday!

Thank you Ocala/Marion County for doing your part to keep our landfills and waterways free of electronic waste!


NEXT County collection event will be held at the Wrigley Sports Complex in Citra (405 East Hwy. 316) on Saturday, July 14th.


Sat., May 12th – NEXT Marion County/City of Ocala E-waste Collection Event

Posted on April 30, 2012 by admin.

On Saturday, May 12th, stop by our facility behind Target in Ocala – 9 am – 2pm (1500 SW 17th Avenue, just off SW 17th Street & MLK Blvd.) and drop off any unwanted electronics!  Will have help on site to handle all unloading.

NO CHARGE on this day for CRT monitors & older tube-style TVs.

Thank you Ocala/Marion County for recycling!

RAE is proud to sponsor the American Cancer Society!

Posted on April 11, 2012 by admin.

We are so proud to sponsor the American Cancer Society Relay for Life!  It will be held Friday and Saturday, April 13th & 14th, 2012 at Trinity Catholic High School in Ocala.

This is an 18 hour team event to raise funds to fight cancer and raise awareness of cancer in the community.  It is also a “Celebration of Life” honoring cancer survivors.  For more information, visit RelayForLife.org

Together we can make a difference!


Marion County E-cycling Event this weekend!

Posted on by admin.

Attention NW Marion County:  come by the NEWTON Landfill this Saturday, April 14th, 9 am – 2pm (1750 NW 100th Street in Ocala) and drop off any unwanted electronics!  NO CHARGE on this day for CRT monitors and older tube-style TVs.                                   Thank you Ocala/Marion County for recycling!

Spring has SPRUNG at RAE!

Posted on March 1, 2012 by admin.

Wow are things getting busy around here!  Spring time and people are looking to clean out, I guess… In March and April we will be holding electronic collection events with Marion County (Newton Landfill), City of Ocala (Arbor Day/Earthfest at Tuscawilla), Sumter County (Wildwood High School), Sun Digital (downtown Ocala), Lake Weir High School, and the American Cancer Society Relay for Life at Trinity Catholic High School!!  Will publish dates and times as they get closer…. However, we are open weekdays for drop offs and are right behind Target if you don’t want to wait for an event.
As always, THANK YOU Ocala/Marion County for recycling your electronics!

RAE announces new partnership in e-waste collection events!

Posted on February 14, 2012 by admin.

SO HAPPY to share a new partnership!  Recycle All Electronics is the NEW host of all e-waste collection events for Sun Digital, Inc. in downtown Ocala!  Our first event will be Wednesday, March 14th from 7 am – 2 pm in the parking lot across SR40 from Melting Pot.  A portion of the proceeds will ALWAYS go to a worthy charity!  Thank you Sun Digital, Jim Bolain and Michelle Coates for promoting the need for responsible electronic waste recycling… looking forward to the future together!




RE: Marion County E-waste Collection on Feb. 11, 2012

Posted on February 12, 2012 by admin.

THANK YOU Ocala/Marion County for recycling!  Over 150 cars came through our parking lot on Saturday to dispose of their e-waste responsibly and more than 12,500 pounds of electronics were kept out of our landfills and waterways!

Will keep you updated on date & location of next event.

NEXT Marion County E-Waste Date is SET!

Posted on January 9, 2012 by admin.

The next Marion County e-waste collection event will be held at our facility at 1500 SW 17th Avenue behind Target in Ocala on Saturday, Feb. 11th, 9 am – 2 pm!  RAE is proud to be Marion County’s CONTRACTED e-waste recycler!  We work in conjunction with the Board of County Commissioners to help save the taxpayers money! NO CHARGE on this day for older tube-style TV’s and CRT monitors!  Thank you Marion County for recycling your electronic waste!

America Recycles Day was a great success!

Posted on November 15, 2011 by admin.

What a day!  In addition to the regular truckloads coming and going, over 175 cars passed through our parking lot today with electronics to recycle!  Thank you Ocala/Marion County for coming out today – It was great to meet so many new people from our community.  We appreciate the support! Remember, we are open Monday – Friday to the general public – you don’t have to wait for the next big event.